Austin Green

Q: Is truth relative? Or is there one universal truth?

A: There are certain FACTS in the universe that serve as evidence for truth.



The world is so divided because...there are those that look at the facts and govern their world beliefs based on what can actually be proven, and then there are those that rationalize their beliefs based on how they FEEL something is or how something should be. Doing the latter is very dangerous because it violates the factual laws of nature and can wreak havoc on our actual reality.


FOR EXAMPLE: Oil companies FEEL like they should protect their business because it generates them large amounts of money each year, seeing that the car industry is currently dominated by cars that use gasoline as their source of fuel. The TRUTH is that fossil fuel emissions are damaging our ozone layer which is slowly but surely increasing temperatures all around the world, and we can see the proof from our ice caps melting in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the world. If we’re not careful, we could end up depleting our ozone layer and the suns rays would be too harmful for human beings to peacefully exist on Earth.


Chevron has been in the news for several years due to an oil spill of 70 Billion Liters that happened in the Ecuadorian Amazon and they were sued by the Ecuadorian Supreme Court to pay $19 Billion (which eventually was reduced to $9 Billion) for the mess they made. Since then, Chevron has taken extensive legal action to avoid paying for the environmental damage and have done everything in their power to sabotage the environmental lawyer Steven Donziger.


Oil companies like Chevron are clearly acting out of FEAR that they will lose their large amounts of income, so they do whatever they can with their money and power to protect their business so that they can continue bringing in those large sums of money. Unfortunately Chevron’s GREED continues to hurt our ozone layer as well as the environment and indigenous people in the Amazon. Luckily for us, Elon Musk & Tesla have led the race toward making all cars, or at least the majority of cars on the road electric so that we can reverse or halt the negative effects of the burning of fossil fuels on our Earth’s ozone layer and continue to inhabit Earth and move toward a better future. 



This brings us to the topic of FAITH over FEAR. Observe how Chevron’s FEAR of losing money caused them to act in a certain way that was based on GREED and protecting themselves, when in reality the fate of the world is at stake...We can’t keep having oil spills and we can’t keep depleting the ozone layer, it’s just not good for the planet. If Chevron can understand this, maybe they can move toward more of an abundant mentality as opposed to a scarce mentality and choose to invest in the next generation of fuel, which is electric. Although they’ve had a juggernaut of a run in the oil industry, it would be wise to be willing to pivot and direct their attention toward future endeavors in sustainable fuel. It might take some time to fully transition, but it’s going to take some FAITH that everything will workout financially for them and at the same time, the fate of the world will be off to a better direction as we transition to electric as our main fuel source for transportation. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Chevron electric charging stations one day...


What we do know is that FAITH requires risk. Chevron is run by people who may not want to change their ways, but slowly but surely they will be forced to reconsider once consumers are starting to buy electric more and more and the evidence of global warming becomes more and more apparent, let’s just hope it’s not too late.






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